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Is it possible for an adult to have ADD or ADHD?


YES! ADD (ADHD) is a real disorder with neurological and genetic components which often profoundly impact a person’s daily functioning, a person’s sense of self, and one’s interpersonal relationships. Untreated ADD has ruined marriages, ended careers, and sadly, has even ended lives.

I truly understand that ADD is a developmental disability rather than a mental illness. I KNOW that you are NOT BROKEN. I recognize that ADHD is a neurological disorder. It is an “IN-tention” disorder… a mood regulation disorder that leads to behavioral issues.

ADD is a neurological disorder that incites poor emotional and behavioral responses in both children and adults.

ADD symptoms can impact careers, marriages and other important relationships in profound ways.

This is why therapy at A “Kitchen Table” Approach to Counseling is so vital! More so than many other therapists, I REALLY understand this thing called ADHD! I have lived with it in my own family for 26 years. I have spent the past 11 years researching this thing that for so many people is a blessing and a curse.

  • I can help your brain create new and more effective neural pathways.
  • I will help you get ready for the future, for what lies ahead. I will help you SEE the long-term consequences of today’s mood and behavior management choices.
  • I will help you prevent a divorce.
  • I will help you keep your job.
  • I will help you improve your social life.
  • I will help you graduate from college.
  • I will help you have a great relationship with your kids.
  • I will help you reach your goals and make plans for your happy and successful future!