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Deciding to get help…

…the first step in taking charge of your depression.

“My sessions feel more like I’m grabbing a fresh brewed coffee and talking with a trusted colleague or mentor than a one hour ordeal with some know-it-all shrink…”

-Karl, Loveland, CO

Make an appointment with your doctor and ASK QUESTIONS!  He or she is a person too. Don’t let the title of Doctor intimidate you. Everything you tell your doctor helps get you closer to feeling better. It is important for you to share all your symptoms with your doctor so he or she can help you find the most appropriate treatment.

Some things I suggest to my patients…

Make a pre appointment check list:

  • List your Symptoms
  • Medical History
  • List your Medications
  • Make a list of your questions

Some basic questions might include some of these:

  • Do you think I have depression?
  • Could my depression be triggered by some other medical condition or by medications I’m currently taking?
  • Do I need counseling?
  • Are there any self-help strategies or lifestyle changes I could try instead of medication?
  • Do I need medication?

Cindy Says…

  • Benefits and risks of taking medication
  • When the medication should start working
  • How you will know medication is working
  • How it feels to be on this medication
  • Any possible side effects (Will they go away over time? What should I do if I experience them?)
  • Length of time you will need to take the medication
  • Consequences if you stop taking the medication suddenly
  • Any foods, other medications or alcohol to be avoided while taking the medicine
  • What to do if medication doesn’t work


  • Agree on how to monitor your progress
  • Find out how often you should follow up with your doctor
  • Decide if follow-ups should be in person or on the phone

Talk to your doctor and call –

Cindy Hartman, at Counseling – A “Kitchen Table” Approach, LLC!