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Are you over the age of 55?

Felt sad / depressed for so long that it just seems like it is who you are?

Chronic feelings of loneliness?

Chronic anxiety? 

Marriage, family and other relationships always a struggle?

Restless? Bored? Frustrated?

Have you been to counseling, have you taken anti-anxiety medication or antidepressant medication, yet not felt much relief? It may be that you are dealing with undiagnosed and untreated Adult ADD. Many doctors and psychologists overlook a possible ADD diagnosis in folks over a certain age! At Counseling – A “Kitchen Table” Approach, LLC, you will find help, hope and relief!

KTA uses EFFECTIVE diagnostic processes and evidence-based, therapeutic modalities that address the PROPER diagnosis! Too often, adult ADD is overlooked and goes untreated. Adult ADD can be tricky to figure out because so many of the signs and symptoms overlap other mental health and even medical conditions.

Ms Hartman has worked with the child and adult ADHD population for over 25 years in layperson, teaching, home, and professional medical / counseling settings.

In her private counseling practice, she has specialized in treating Adult ADD and co-occurring diagnoses since 2005. She collaborates with and consults with physicians across the United States in an effort to provide her patients / clients the most appropriate and effective mental health care possible.