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ADHD Life: Boys to Men

It’s fine to give gifts. On occasion. Most of the time you need to teach your son to expect nothing to be handed to him. You insure a future for your son rife with relationship, financial and mental health problems if you never outline any clear expectations for him and if you never provide follow-through on what you say. You need to be giving to your son in ways that help your son become self-sufficient, confident in his own abilities and successful at relationships. Life takes effort for EVERYBODY. The ADHD will not just disappear one day. Your son must be able to function out in the real world without you.

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ADHD & Short-term Memory Strategies

-You are waiting for another person to stop talking in a conversation so that you can say something. By the time the other person gets done speaking, you’ve typically forgotten what it is you wanted to say.
-Many times you struggle to retain what you just read.
-You tend to get lost easily, even when someone just gave you verbal directions.
-You plan to work at home but after you arrive there you realize you forgot papers you need to do the work.
-You have many unfinished projects because you become distracted and then, “forget” about the first project.
-You frequently lock your keys in your car.
-Many times, you can’t find your keys. Or wallet. Or glasses. Or cell phone.
Well? Sound familiar? If so, ADHD may be impacting your short-term / working memory. No need to panic… There is help for this.

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