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The “Kitchen Table” approach to psychotherapy and clinical counseling dictates that we are all human beings creatively, lovingly and wonderfully made and worthy of dignity, compassion and respect. It is only after our basic humanness is acknowledged that we come to the table in our respective “roles” of client/patient and counselor in the therapeutic relationship.

The work of therapy at A “Kitchen Table” Approach is grounded in the sciences and the arts. Psychometric assessment, psychological theory, medicine, neurology… Each of these plays a part in the counseling process. At A “Kitchen Table” Approach to Counseling, we suggest that while this science is necessary, it is not sufficient for creating wellness in body mind and spirit. It is necessary to also bring basic human kindness, hospitality, creativity and spirituality to the table.

A “Kitchen Table” Approach is a welcoming and safe environment. Outside of our medical offices, we have a counseling office that feels very much like a homey kitchen with chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven. Additionally, we are some of the only therapists in Colorado who make house calls.

Don’t wait any longer. Life is short and you cannot feed others if you yourself are not fed and nourished.  Come to the table, the Kitchen Table today.


Cindy’s words of wisdom… and insights come together to provide, real relief, and healing.

Pam, Fort Collins, CO

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